Vehicle Wraps vs Custom Paint Jobs

mclarenIf you’re looking for a way to advertise that gets the best bang for your buck, then consider vehicle wraps! Vehicle wraps mean your branding can be visible 24/7/365 and because you drive your vehicle around, it gives exposure to many more customers than if the advertising was in one spot.

There are five key benefits to using vehicle wraps as a form of advertising, in comparison to a custom paint job. Let’s get into them in more detail…

Big Cost Savings

If you are comparing vehicle wraps to a custom paint job, the cost savings are huge. A custom paint job – that is also high quality – can be several thousand pounds. A custom design paint job can easily cost you in the region of £10000. In comparison, whereas a high-quality vehicle wrap with a custom design can be £1500. When you take into account multiple vehicles and fleets, it is a no-brainer!

Protect Your Vehicles

A custom paint job will alter your car for good. A vehicle wrap, however, doesn’t affect the paint underneath. In fact, it actually protects the car’s original paint! This also helps reduce maintenance costs for touch-ups and many other repairs.

Unlimited Options

Because of the expense of painting vehicles and fleets, the colour options are fairly limited. However, because custom wraps are designed then printed, you are presented with virtually unlimited options! And not just in colours: in shades, graphics and designs too.

Easy to Change

Just imagine your company went through a rebrand, or you just feel like updating the ‘look and feel’ of the design. If you had a custom paint job you would have to fork out another few thousand pounds. Not so with vehicle wraps! The original wrap can be safely and easily removed, and your brand new, fresh design can be placed on your vehicle whenever you want.

Easy to Clean

No waxing and polishing needed – simply use soap and water! Again, this will save hours and hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of the vehicle.

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