The Best fonts for Store Fronts

Screen-shot-2012-11-02-at-10.12.42-AM-1024x676Fonts are not created equal. There are some fonts that simply look better as a font for a business, and print better. Here we look at several such fonts.

Garamond has several varieties. The specific version that is often used is the Adobe Garamond which was created in 1989. It is utilised in many mediums such as magazines, websites and especially books – it is formal but contains rounded enough letters to have a charm of its own.

Helvetica is one of the most popular fonts: however, a criticism is that the letters do not have enough spacing. If your store sign is going to be lit up try to avoid this font and use one with more space so that each letter remains clear to the customers and easy to make out.

Trajan is an unusual subtlety asymmetrical font and is used often in store fronts – you may see this font on Indian restaurants and similar such establishments. It is formal, with very straight upper case characters but with varying heights making it intriguing and unusual.

Bickham Script Pro is far less legible and you are likely to encounter this font used by establishments selling luxury items, such as jewel stores. The cursive font conveys a sense of refinement and class. This font is also well suited to certain boutique shops.

Futura is a font that is ideal to accompany your business logo, it prints really well is legible and easy on the eyes.

Bodoni is an elegant clear font. Because of its contrast of thin and thick strokes, this font will look especially attractive when painted. The nature of painting with a brush transforms this standard text into a 3D type of font with depth, a simplicity of reading, and grace.

Sans Serif fonts are often used for business signs as they print well, and are bold making them stand out. These fonts are very versatile and attention grabbing. They are often used well to advertise a sale or special your shop or service running.

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