The Advantages of Billboards

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPwAAAAJDk5Yzk2NDYyLWJjODgtNDc5OS04MDM4LWE3YWZiNzEyMDBkNwBillboards are expensive but can have a huge potential benefit to your business.

The first advantage these mega advertisements have is that it will be seen. Billboards are often placed very strategically by main roads, on motorways, and intersections that experience heavy congestion. The enormous size ensures that the product or message you are putting out will be seen both near and far, and in the case of those who are stuck in traffic, the amount of time that they will be seeing your advertisement is significant. This is a really important point – billboards are seen and cannot be closed like a web page advertisement.

The second advantage is the freedom to customise the placement of your billboard. If your product or service is targeting high society you may want to place it in a very upmarket area. Billboard advertising is also important in reaching audiences that are otherwise limited. Poor rural communities may not have television, phones and even magazines but may use public transport or walk past signs that can target their needs. And because people often use the same main roads to and from work, you get the effect of repeated exposure to your message or product.

Thirdly, because these screens are usually placed in very neutral spaces such as along motorways, they target a huge array of customers simultaneously. Unlike a magazine advertisement or other medium, which may only be seen by those interested in particular in that magazine, their particular nature guarantees that your ad will reach its intended audience if placed strategically.

Finally, you are not competing for advertising space with competitors as a billboard can only display one ad at a time. You have exclusive space and this is a unique feature. Roads are continuing to get busier and more congested as time goes on, making billboards increasing effective at what they do.

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