Guidelines for Billboards

Guidelines or instructions indicated by red text and magnify glass search button for manualAdvertising mediums are more than ever before in competition with one another. It is now essential to not only choose excellent instruments but also to create an equally great advertisement for the billboard. Here, we look at four key areas that you should pay attention to for powerful advertising of this specific kind.

Firstly do not be verbose in your message. Limit it to around six words or less. Simple, clear and short is your goal here. If your message is too long people will either get bored and not finish reading the message or not even bother engaging with it.

Secondly, you need a clear message, product or service to stand out. It is no use capitalising on splendid visuals, but the design takes too long to understand. Keep in mind that the message and product or service is more important than fancy details. They complement each other but err rather on the side of a clear message than on overly complex graphics.

Thirdly, don’t lose focus on what the strength of a billboard is. Those expecting interaction with a phone number or website address generally are not nearly as effective as those focusing on brand-building which is a strength of this medium. Impressing consumers and being at the forefront of their minds: this is what billboards do. As most of the audience will be in traffic focusing on driving or talking with others, it is not the best use of the billboard to expect direct engagement.

Lastly, billboards need to be inviting and lend themselves well to impressive graphics and photorealistic images that will break the monotony of the traffic landscape. Certain billboards can also have moving parts, creating more intrigue and interest. To get the most out of this medium, make sure that you work with a team of designers experienced in large formats.

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