Fonts for Storefronts

87e1b023c7e804e48406350d6dd76f1bStorefronts vary by as much by as how many kind of stores there are. However, good signage for stores has several recurring elements. Probably the most important aspects of good store signage are legibility and clarity of message. The difficulty often comes in when trying to have a sign that is clear and easy to read but without being boring. The font used – and they are important to convey a tone or feeling – that will be most suitable will depend in large part on your target audience.

Sometimes a store sign can be as humble as a hand-written chalkboard outside a casual coffee shop or bakery. The store and the customers should be in the forefront of your mind when planning your store front sign. Avoid choosing fonts based on your personal aesthetic preferences. A general rule of thumb is that the clearer and simpler the font you choose the quicker your customers will get the message you are putting out, whereas flashy flamboyant fonts will quickly gather attention but may be too difficult to read and cause people to move on. Again, use your store and the product or service to decide the font. A casual coffee shop will be complemented by a relaxed looking font that emphasises to customers the relaxed atmosphere they can expect. Whereas a medical facility should rather opt for clear, professional, ‘straight to the point’ type of fonts.

Keep in mind that certain fonts will look better when printed or displayed with lights, such as neon signs or LED light signs. For these types of signs, fonts which have more spacing between the letters will help prevent the letters blending into each other.

Something else worth considering is what the fonts in use by your competitors are. For example, if your store or service is in a common area where all competitors are placed together you want a sign that is unique and a font that will stand out from the rest – in this case, perhaps, more is better.

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